About Us

We have taken the time to carefully curate a collection of the most unique resorts in the Maldives. Our collection has been carefully selected by us and amongst expert travel advisors that have tried and tested the resorts, and have spent time understanding what makes a property unique and luxury in its own way. What’s more, we pride ourselves on the fact that our portfolio isn’t defined by how luxurious or expensive they are, instead we’ve focused on a resorts ability to make the most memorable and unique experience.
We like to refer ourselves as, ‘Maldives Connoisseurs’.


We are a strong supporter of travel advisors (aka. travel agents) who can assist with your booking from start to finish. These are advisors dedicated to providing you with the best recommendations, rates and offers. So you won’t find any rates on our website as we prefer to connect you with one of our preferred travel advisors, and we do so based on your location and holiday criteria to ensure all stages of planning, booking, and embarking on your dream trip are dealt with in a personal and professional manner. However, you can rest assure that we offer competitive rooms rates in line with the market standards and provide personalized concierge service that will help create your ideal Maldivian holiday.

We also believe a lasting impression comes from the people within. Our website features and highlights the people behind the scenes, and you’ll find personal recommendations from some of the resorts Sommelier’s, General managers, chefs, and Spa directors (amongst other friendly faces) to help you place a name to a face and get the ‘Insider Scoop’ about the resort.


Maldives is a destination that is continuously growing, and with 25+ new luxury resorts set to open in 2019, the demand is never-ending. Our mission at VUE MALDIVES is to hand-pick resorts that we believe fit into our ethos to ensure we’re continuously growing our portfolio in the right direction. We want to ensure those who are seeking a once in the lifetime experience receive a remarkable holiday to remember– and we want to convince you to return time and time again to enjoy new and unique experiences at different stages of your life.


VUE Maldives was founded by Sue Kang, a Maldives Connoisseur with a background in Marketing and a post-graduate degree in Hotel Management. She has worked in the luxury travel sector in the USA, Caribbean and Asia. She has worked with some of the most elite travel advisors and understands the needs and trends of the luxury market. With a strong belief that comfort, unique experience, and exceptional service are the key ingredients to providing a luxury holiday she continues to explore the Maldives searching for resorts that share her beliefs and vision.